Clean Card lets you share your contact information using a QR code on your screen. You can exchange all phone, email, address, social media and other contact information with one simple QR scan.

Clean Card Saves Trees!

10 billion paper visiting cards are printed every year, at the cost of thousands of trees - 80% of them go straight to waste basket! Plus, who has time to sit and type your visiting card info in their phone!

Clean Card is Reliable!

Verbally giving your email or phone numbers to someone is prone to errors, requires a lot of typing and you still can’t share all your contact methods.

Clean Card is Efficient!

Paper Visiting Cards end in trash, Clean Card saves your contacts directly in recipients phone.

Clean Card is Simple!

Simply ask your new acquaintance to scan your QR code and that’s it! They have all your contacts saved in their phonebook.

Your Clean Card can be scanned by any smart phone, regardless of model or brand, as long as they can scan QR codes.

Clean Card is Customizable!

Clean Card QR supports all major languages so you can make your cards in whatever language you like.

You can customize the look and feel of your QR card by changing backgrounds. Premium users can also add their company logo or their picture on the bottom of the QR card.

Clean Card is Secure!

All your contact data is stored and processed on your phone. It is never sent back to us.